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DG GROW - Entrepreneurship Education: A road to success

A compilation of evidence on the impact of entrepreneurship education strategies and measures

Entrepreneurship education is given a significant role in supporting the main goals of the Europe 2020 strategy. Therefore, it is important to gather knowledge and evidence from across Europe and elsewhere that shows whether and how impact is achieved. 

In 2013 DG Enterprise and Industry commissioned ICF International to conduct a mapping exercise of examples of research on the impact of Entrepreneurial Education. This report presents the outcome of the mapping exercise: 91 studies from 23 countries were identified. 
The prevailing impression that emerged from the evidence collected is that entrepreneurship education works. Students participating in entrepreneurship education are more likely to start their own business and their companies tend to be more innovative and more successful than those led by persons without entrepreneurship education backgrounds. Entrepreneurship education alumni are at lower risk of being unemployed, and are more often in steady employment. Compared to their peers, they have better jobs and make more money. 
The positive impact is not restricted to students and alumni. Besides impact on the individual, evidence from the examples reviewed for this study also shows impact on educational institutions, the economy and society.

Documents & links
Final report - Entrepreneurship Education: A road to success  (2 MB)
Case studies - Entrepreneurship Education: A road to success  (2MB)