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ENGINEERS EUROPE and BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) have signed a similar cooperation agreement in March 2024

ENGINEERS EUROPE and EYE (European Young Engineers’ association) have signed a cooperation agreement in February 2007

Dr. Willi Fuchs, the President of ENGINEERS EUROPE, and Roger McLaughlin, Head of EYE, have signed a cooperation agreement between the two organizations. The document was officially transmitted by Mr. McLaughlin to the Secretary General of ENGINEERS EUROPE on 23 February 2007 at a meeting attended also by several other members of the EYE organization organized at the premises of the ENGINEERS EUROPE Secretariat General (see photo).
EYE, founded in 1994, is a dynamic and rapidly growing organization with enthusiastic members, presently consisting of 18 associations in 13 countries and representing more than 150.000 young engineers in Europe. EYE offers its member organizations and their active young engineers and student members access to a European wide network by linking the national engineering associations. Every six months, an EYE conference is organized; each conference brings between 80 and 300 participants from all over Europe together. The next EYE conference will be held in Enschede, The Netherlands, on June 1-3, 2007. With the EYE-Contact, a newsletter, EYE informs its members about national developments in member associations and European engineers related activities. (Further information on EYE can be found on its website
The project for a cooperation agreement between the two organizations was presented at the General Assembly of ENGINEERS EUROPE in Prague in September 2006. At that occasion, Mr. McLaughlin had been invited to present EYE. The ENGINEERS EUROPE delegates unanimously welcomed the cooperation agreement considering that with this ENGINEERS EUROPE will be in a position to be better informed about the expectations, objectives, and needs of young engineers and ultimately better serve those who will tomorrow take over the responsibilities of our profession.
We thank the responsibles of the EYE organization to have concluded this agreement with ENGINEERS EUROPE.

Memorandum of Cooperation between EYE & ENGINEERS EUROPE


Full text of agreement, see here


Full text of agreement, see here

FAEO and ENGINEERS EUROPE  (September 2019)

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University of Regensburg and ENGINEERS EUROPE  (October 2019)

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